Veppa Elai 200gm


Veppa Elai

Botanical Name: Azadiracta indica

Family: Meliaceae

Hindi: Nim, Nimb, Bal-nimb, neem, nind.

Kannada: Bevinamara, Bevu, Hebbevu, Kiri-bevu, Kai-bevu

Tamil: Vempa, Vepa, Veppa

Telugu: Nimbanuv, Vepa,



Neem (Azadiracta indica) is an extremely important large evergreen tree belongs to the family Meliaceae. Every part of the plant has bioactive compounds that can be used in medicine and agriculture.



  • It boosts immune system
  • It helps the body to fight against various bacteria, viruses and many other microorganisms
  • It contains various antioxidants and prevents body from the harmful effects of free radicals
  • It supports healthy digestive system
  • It supports clear breathing system
  • It strengthens teeth and gums
  • It heals wounds and promotes generation of healthy tissues
  • It has a property to increase urine output
  • It helps to keep our urinary tract clean and healthy
  • It stimulates sweat glands
  • It helps to expel impurities from the body through sweat
  • It makes the skin clear and radiant
  • It applied externally to prevent from pimples and many other skin diseases
  • It has potent spermicidal property.