Neem Capsules 500mg


Neem can treat many skin as well as other problem of the body and so does the neem capsules.Neem capsules have been traditionally used in curing large number of diseases and disorders.Neem is the best natural blood purifier that keeps our entire body healthy and gives us a clean radiant skin.


  • Regular intake of neem capsules can help us purify our blood efficiently. It cleanses our body from inside, which helps in maintaining a healthy, blemish-free and glowing skin.
  • Neem capsules can purify our blood and improve the water balance in our body.
  • Neem capsules can take great care of our cardiac health by regulating the blood pressure, lowering the level of bad cholesterol and preventing the formation of blood clots.
  • Neem capsules clean the blood to cure skin and acne.