Massikkai 200gm



Botanical Name: Quercus Infectoria

Family: Fagaceae

General Name:Manjakani

Hindi: Mazhupal

Tamil: Masikai


Manjakani or Oak gall is very much popular in India and Malaysia. In Tamil Nadu You will find it in all homes where there is a newborn baby. It has been used for natural vaginal tightening since ages. It has many medicinal values also.


  • It helps to tighten the muscles of vaginal and restore vaginal elasticity.
  • It can be used orally in the form of tincture.
  • It alleviates leucorrhea symptoms.
  • It prevents and sanitizes the female sex organ and protect them from vaginal bacteria and fungal infections.
  • It increases the production of Hormone Estrogen.
  • It cleans the uterus after child birth and Menses.
  • Makes our skin firmer and smoother
  • Helps to maintain healthy eye
  • Reduce large pores and oily skin.