Kasturi manjal powder





Curcuma aromatica (common name: wild turmeric) is a member of the Curcuma genus belonging to the family Zingiberaceae. The plant is distributed wild throughout India and mainly cultivated in Kerala and West Bengal.  For the last few decades, research works have been done to establish the pharmacological potential of wild Turmeric and its extracts.


It gives skin tone lightening

Wild turmeric cures pimples and dark spots

The rhizome is an esteemed drug for skin care.

It possesses good germicidal activity, hence ideal for protection against skin infections

Traditionally used in bathing new born babies.

It is an ingredient of many cosmetics, skin care products and  tonics for women after childbirth

Application of rhizome paste in rose water controls pimples.

Rhizome is an anti-dote for scorpion and other poisonous stings.

It is effective for fever, cough and worm infestations.