Dried Vasambu ( Acorus Calamus ) 200gm


Botanical – Acorus calamus

Family Name – Araceae

Hindi – Vasaka

Tamil – Vasambu

English – Calamus

Telugu – Vasa

Malayalam – Bavambu

Vasambu is a popular natural and medicinal herb widely used for infants and babies for different problems. The plant is called as Sweet Flag in English. Vasambu root has a lot of medicinal properties.


  • Vasambu is very good for many stomach related ailments like indigestion, loose motion, and acid gastritis.
  • They help to remove gas, stomach discomfort and cold from infants and babies.
  • It helps to protect our houses from various insects, bed bugs etc.,
  • Vasambu is a great herb for curing common cold and cough.
  • Vasambu is good for constipation problem.
  • vasambu powder with your shikakai powder and apply it on your hair is remedy for dandruff.