Virali Manjal 200gm


Virali Manjal

Botanical Name: Curcuma aromatic

Family: Zingiberaceae (Ginger family)

Common name: Wild Turmeric, Aromatic Turmeric

Hindi: Jangli haldi

Tamil: kasturimanjal

Malayalam: kasthoori manjal, dantmanjal

Telugu: kasthuri pasupa

Kannada: kasthuri arishina


Wild turmeric has rhizomes with a peculiar fragrance and cream color. The rhizomes are often used in cosmetic herbal medicines and as a culinary ingredient in limited quantities as a food flavor. Leaves are broad and very decorative, elliptic with a leaf stem running as long to the tip of the blade.


  • Wild turmeric is recognized as a medical herb with strong antibiotic properties.
  • It is believed to play a role in preventing cancer.
  • In an effort to remove cell accumulations such as tumors, curcuma is often utilized.
  • It contains aromatic volatile oils that help to remove excessive lipids from the blood.
  • Curcuma aromatica has anti-inflammatory and wound healing property.
  • Turmeric helps in nervous system related disorders.