Valuluvai 200gm



Botanical name: Celastrus

Common name: Black Oil Plant, celastrus, oriental bittersweet, intellect tree, staff tree

Hindi:  malkangani •

Tamil:  kuvarikuntal, mannai-k-katti,  valuluvai •

Malayalam: Polulavam

Telugu:  kasara-tige,  maneru •

Kannada:  bhavamga, jotishmati, kariganne,  kougilu


Black Oil Plant is an unarmed large woody climber. Alternately arranged leaves are very variable – elliptic, ovate, broadly, obovate or circular, up to 6 × 11 cm. Base is wedge-shaped, obtuse or rounded, tip is acute, acuminate or obtuse. Flowers are borne in large panicles at the end of branches.


  • It enhances cognition, learning, concentration and memory performance. The seeds and seed oil both are nervine and brain tonic.
  • It is thermogenic and given internally to treat swelling.
  • It has sedative, anti-stress and tranquilizing effect and helps to induce good sleep.
  • It is rich in vitamin b and cures beriberi.
  • Due to richness in vitamin B, it helps to prevent horrible dreams / nightmares.
  • It is good for liver and helps in fatty liver.
  • It improves sexual desire, and performance in males.
  • Massage with Malkangni oil is effective in arthritis, muscular, joint problems, hemiplegia, ulcers, skin diseases, neurological diseases and piles.