Thuthi Elai 200gm



Thuthi Elai

Botanical Name: Abulitum Indicum

English Name: Tuti / Indian Mallow

Tamil Name:  Thuthi

Hindi Name:  Kanghi

Malayalam Name: Velluram

Telugu Name:  Tuttura Benda


Thuthi herb known as Indian Mallow. Indicum is the scientific name of the Thuthi. It grows in hot temperate regions of India. It is a perennial shrub,softly tomentose and up to 3 m in height. The plant is found in India, Sri Lanka, topical regions of America and Malaysia.It is found as a weed in sub-Himalayan tracts,hills up to 1200 m and in hotter parts of India.The leaves are toothed. It bears solitary flowers which are yellow and blooms in the evening. The seeds are dark brown or black. This plant has been traditionally used for medicinal purposes.

Internal Benefits of Thuthi(Indian Mallow) :-

  • A Fantastic di-uretic as it contains gallic acid it acts as anti inflammatory analgesic.
  • Very effective medicine for Piles (Bleeding Piles), Fistula.
  • Extremely good Blood purifier and can reduce bleeding piles.
  • The mixture of root (Decoction) can be an effective treat for paralysis, renal failure and very good tonic for strengthening of nervesExternal Benefits of Thuthi(Indian Mallow) :-• It is used to treat for wounds & Good for children who get swelling due to a fall.
  • Good cure for Lymph nodes – put the warm leaf mixture on the affected area.