Thandrikai powder 200gm



Baheda powder is effectively used for dressing wounds and arresting bleeding. It has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties that help in nourishing the natural tone of the skin. It is rich in vitamin A and essential fatty acid.


  • Beleric is a rejuvenative and laxative. It proves beneficial for hair, throat and eyes.
  • Beleric seed oil or fruit paste is applied on swollen and painful parts.
  • The seed oil gives excellent results in skin diseases and premature graying of hair.
  • Fruit pieces are baked and chewed for cough, cold, hoarseness of voice and asthma.
  • Beleric fruit is powdered and used to dress wounds to arrest the bleeding.
  • The paste of the fruit is applied on eyelids, in case of conjunctivitis.
  • Beleric helps in loss of appetite, flatulence, thirst, piles and worms.
  • The ripened fruit acts as an astringent and anti-diarrheal.
  • Beleric plant alleviates cough, relieves blocked phlegm, controls bleeding in the sputum and eases bronchospasms.
  • It helps in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.