Thadhiri poo 200gm


Comman name:Fire Flame Bush, Red Bell Bush

Hindi: Dhawai

Tamil: Dhathari

Malayalam: Tatiripuspi

Telugu: Jargi seringi, Godari

Kannada: Tamrapuspi


A bushy shrub, with long, spreading branches, pubescent, young branchlets and leaves with numerous, small, black glands. Leaves: opposite or subopposite, grey-pubescent beneath, ovate- or linear-lanceolate. Flowers: scarlet, showy, tubular on slender pedicels dilated above, borne in axillary clusters. Capsules: ellipsoid, membranous, included in the calyx. Seeds: cuneate-obovate, smooth.


  • The flowers are very useful in dysentery, diarrhoea, fever, hemorrhoids, herpes, leprosy, burning sensation,
  • It cures skin diseases, internal hemorrhage, impaired hepatic function, leukorrhea, menorrhagia
  • It considered as a safe stimulant pregnancy.
  • The juice of its fresh flowers applied on the forehead, reduces the headache.
  • Dried flower powder is used in ulcers and wounds to reduce the discharge and promote granulation.