SKM Thirikadugu Churna 100g (Siddha)


Dosage and Adjuvants 1-2 gms 2-3 times daily with water, honey or ghee after food.

Indications: Kaichchal/Suram (fevers), Murai kaichchal/Murai suram (intermittent fevers), Sanni (delirium), Seethalam (cold), Irumal (cough/bronchitis), Seriyamai (indigestion), Agnimaandham (dyspepsia), Vayittru porumal (flatulence), Seriyamai vayittruvali (stomach pain due to indigestion) and seriyamai Kazhichchal (diarohoea due to indigestion). When given with sugar and honey, effective in bronchitis (cough) and Irumalum Izhaippum (spasm). In Aazhmayakkanilai/Brahmaniththirai (coma) and Kirukiruppu or Mayakkanilai (drowsiness), a small quantity of chooranam is mixed in water and dropped in the nostrils.Vayittruvali (In stomach pain), it is given along with palm jaggery (Panai vellam). Used as an adjuvant (Anupanam) along with other medicines.

2Presentation : 100 gm