Sivanar vembhu 200gm



BOTANICAL NAME: Indigofera Aspalathoides

Kannada          : Sivamballi

Malayalam       : Manali

Tamil               : Iraivan vembu, Sivanarvembu

Botanical description : It is an erect herb.  Some are small trees up to 5-6m (16-20 ft) tall. Stem is dark brown when young, grayish white, branched 0.7cm to 1.5cm width. Roots are brown colored, woody, lateral roots present 0.5 to 3.0 cm width. The leaf is trifoliate, pale green, obanceolate, digitate, sessile and crowded on the young branches, stipules minute.


  • The leaves, flowers and tender shoots are cooling and demulcent.
  • The leaves are used for leprosy, cancerous affections, abscesses, dandruff and also for edematous tumours
  • This plant is one of the main ingredients of a Siddha preparation (thailam) used for chronic eczema.
  • The roots soak in coconut oil and they used for chronic eczema, acute tumor and psoriasis.
  • The root is chewed in toothache and aphthae