Sirukurinjan 200gm


Sirukurinjan also known as Gurmar. It literally means it kills the sugar. Gymnema blocks intestinal absorption of sugar and the sugar passes through the system. It does not block the digestion of other foods such as starches and alcohol.Sirukurinjan raise insulin levels by regeneration of the cells in the pancreas that secrete insulin.

Tamil                   :  Sirukurinjan

Malayalam          :  cakkarakkolli, madhunasini

Hindi                   :  chhota-dudhilata, chhotadudhilata,

Telugu                 :  bodaapathri, bodaparta, poda patri, podapathri,

Botanical             :  Gymnema sylvestre R.BR



Powder of Gurmar is used for flab in the body. You can take this in the form of tea. It delays the glucose absorption in the blood. Thus slows the conversion of sugar to fat. It suppresses the taste of sweet food and consequently reduces the desire to eat.

For Healthy Fluid Balance: It helps to maintain healthy fluid level in body.

It acts as a cleanser for the bowels and helps to pass the stool easily.

It helps purify the blood and helps to improve the level of hemoglobin (blood).

Gurmar main action is on the digestive system. It helps to regulate the appetite. It naturally helps to check the absorption of carbohydrates.