Siru Peelai 200gm


Aerva Lanata is very good antimicrobial. What it helps is fighting against pathogens. It protects both the skin and the body from pathogens.
Aerva Lanata is diuretic which helps in promoting the production of urine, effective in urethral problems, lithiasis, and gonorrhea . Its decoction is excellent dirutic and anti inflammatory
Aerva Lanata acts as a demulcent which helps in getting relief from pain and inflammation.
Aerva Lanata is anthelmintic which helps in destroying parasitic worms and reducing sores and injuries on the skin.
Aerva Lanata acts as an astringent thereby helping in reducing bleeding in piles. It is also used as a treatment for diarrhea and hemorrhages.
Aerva Lanata stem acts as an antioxidant which helps in balancing the free radicals.