Shenbhaga Poo 200gm


BOTANICAL NAME: Magnolia champaca

(English) : fragrant champaca, golden champa, orange chempaka, yellow champ

(Hindi) : chempaka

Telugu: Champangi

Kannada: Sampige

Tamil) : chambugam, chembuga, Shenbagam


Michelia champaca is an evergreen or semi-deciduous, small to medium-sized tree up to 50 m tall; bole straight, cylindrical, up to 200 cm in diameter, without buttresses; bark surface smooth, grey to greyish-white, inner bark fibrous, yellow to brown, crown conical to cylindrical. Leaves simple, entire, arranged spirally; stipules adnate to or free from the petiole. Flowers on short, axillary brachyblast, solitary or rarely in pairs, large, tepals 6-21, in 3-6 usually subequal whorls, white to yellow; stamens many, anthers with a short to prominently elongated connective; gynoecium stipitate, with spirally arranged, free or connate carpels containing many ovules. Fruiting carpels dehiscing along the dorsal suture when free or fused and forming a fleshy or woody syncarp. Seed hanging from its funicle.


It Cures leprosy, skin diseases, and ulcers

It Gives tone to the stomach

It cures headache, eye infections and gout

It promote menstrual flow

It is good for heart

It may cure nausea and indigestion