Seenthil kodi powder 200gm



The plant is cultivated by stem cutting in the month of May-June and used in Tibetan medicine. The herb is known to have a sweet, bitter and acid taste. Extracted from the stem and root is a nutrient starch used to treat chronic diarrhea and dysentery. According to a legend, the herb is known locally as giloya or “heavenly elixir”.



Guduchi has anti- aging properties, rejuvenates the body and anhances overall functioning of the body.

Heart leaved moonseed for skin disease: It is beneficial in treating skin diseases, digestive ailments such as hyper acidity, colitis, loss of appetite, stomach ache and liver disorders.

Guduchi is used to support the immune system and body’s resistance to infections. It’s an effective immune stimulant.

giloy is a powerful adaptogen, helping protect against mental and physical stress and helps bring the body back into balance.

Guduchi support normal kidney and liver function.

Tinospora for fever: Tinospora is highly beneficial in fever, especially chronic and periodic fever.

Amrita for diabetes: Guduchi has beneficial hypoglycaemic properties.