Saranai Ver 200gm


Saranai Ver is a miracle herb that we should all get to know as it has wonderful health benefits and medicinal uses.



Punarnava herb is a blood purifier it treats many diseases from skin allergies to constipation.

This plant is especially useful for treating all the disorders of the kidneys as it reduces the urea levels in the body very effectively. It also acts as a liver tonic and can be used to treat all the disorders of the liver.

Regular consumption of punarnava treats all the disorders of the eyes like night blindness, glaucoma and persistent irritation in the eyes. You can either take the root decoction or the dried root powder mixed with honey daily.

Regular use of this herb is said to give a natural glow and youthfulness to the skin as it purifies the blood.

Punarnava root water also can be used for treating skin allergies like itching, rashes, etc.