Pirandai powder 200gm



Common name: Veldt Grape, Devil’s Backbone •

Hindi: hadjod, hadjora, jangli-angoor

Kannada: asthi samhaara, mangaravalli

Malayalam: cannalamparanta

Tamil: perandai

Telugu: gudametige, kokkitaya-ralu

Botanical name: Cissus quadrangularis



Habit : A large succulent.

Stem : Long, fleshy, deep green, glabrous, quadrangular, young branches sharply angular or winged, tendrils long, simple.

Leaves : Deciduous, ovate or reniform sometimes 3-7 lobed, denticulate, base rounded, stipules ovate.

Inflorescence : Umbellate cymes.

Flowers : Calyx cup-shaped.Petals 4, ovate-oblong, hooked at apex, disk 4-lobed.Stamens 4, anthers introrse.Ovary bilocular, cells 2-ovuled, style short.  Fruit : Berry red, globose, seed solitary.



  • It is helpful to reduced inflammation
  • Itgives strong bones
  • It helps to weight loss and goodheart health
  • It cures respiratory disorders like asthma
  • Relief from Menstruation Cramps
  • Cissus quadrangularis can help your bones, it can also help your teeth.