Parapadakam 200gm



English name –  fineleaf fumitory, fine-leaved fumitory and Indian fumitory.
Tamil name- Tura
Telugu name- Parpatakamu, Chatarasi
Malayalam name – Parppadakam



Parpataka is an effective Ayurvedic herb used in fever, high Pitta conditions such as fever, gastritis, diarrhea, excessive thirst etc. Its famous herbal remedy – Shadanga Paneeya(drink made out of six herbs) is used in treating fever and associated thirst.



  • Parpataka is best to treat Fever of Pitta origin.
  • Fumaria officinalis, also called as Common Fumitory
  • It is useful against abdominal spasmoidic pain, skin disorders, eye disorders, cardiac disorders.
  • Mollugo oppositifolia is used as laxative, antiseptic, used in earache, itch & dermatitis
  • Parpataka kashaya  (decoction of Parpata) subsides the poisonous effects
  • The leaf is chewed as a treatment for coughs