Papaya Leaf powder 200gm


 Papaya Leaf powder :

Papaya Leaf is a popular herb that has been used by many people. Carica papaya has been used for many purposes around the tropics. Papaya Leaves contain powerful healing compounds which is very important for great health and vitality and for reduce fever.

Benefits of Papaya Leaf Powder:

  • Papaya Powder contain lots of Nutrients.
  • It Increase Appetite.
  • Papaya Powder can help in get rid of the skin, warts, scars and freckles.
  • It lower fevers and helps in reducing colds, flues.
  • Papaya Leaf powder work well as a good laxative.
  • It contains lots of powerful antioxidants that boost your immune system.
  • Papaya Leaf also contains 50 or more different amino acids
  • have been used as anti-aging compounds
  • Papaya Leaf Powder contains lots of great nutrients such as B-Vitamins, Vitamins A and C, calcium and Vitamin D.