Orithal Thamarai Powder 200gm


Orithal Thamarai Powder

It is botanically called as Hybanthus enneaspermus. In tamil is known as orithal thaamarai. It has many medicinal values.  Spade Flower is a perennial herb or small shrub to 60 cm high, smooth or hairy. Commonly called as spade flower, pink ladies slipper.


Health Benefits of Orithal Thamarai Powder:

  • This herb is considered to be extremely beneficial to men, used as a diuretic, demulcent and tonic.
  • In traditional medicines, a decoction of the Powder is used to sooth the skin
  • It is used to treat asthma.
  • Orithal Thamarai Powder has diuretic property and keeps urinary tract healthy.
  • It is also used to treat bowel complains in children.
  • Orithal thamarai has amazing anti oxidant properties which helps to reduce oxidative stress very effectively.
  • It has high amount of iron and has amazing ability to treat anemia.
  • It is also a well known aphrodisiac and increase the testosterone in males