Noni Tablets 700 mg


Noni fruits have been used for many years by various health practitioners to help cure various diseases like diabetes, joint aches and many such ailments. Though all of the parts of noni (Morinda citrifolia) are of medicinal use the fruits are said to be more effective. The fruits of the noni plant are dried and are used to make tablets and capsules.



  • Noni tablets are effective for common cold and cough.
  • These tablets could be taken for maintaining blood sugar levels and blood pressure levels.
  • Colic and constipation problems are attended by the noni tablets.
  • Joint aches and chronic arthritis are treated and the pain is known to be reduced much with the steady intake of these tablets.
  • Parasitic infections on the skin and the infections in the urinary tract (UTI), kidney and bladder could be relieved and is found to be much effective in women.

·         These tablets energizes the body, boosts the immune systems and helps to restore the damaged cells in the body.