Botanical name:Cassia Acutifolia

Common name: Tirunelveli Senna, Egyptian Senna

Hindi: bhuikhakhasa

Kannada: nelavare, nelavarike, sonamukhi

Malayalam: nilavaka

Tamil: alakalam, alakalampokki,

Telugu: nelaponna, nelatangedu


Tirunelveli Senna is a shrubby plant that reaches 0.5-1 m, rarely 2 m in height with a branched, pale-green erect stem and long spreading branches bearing four or five pairs of leaves. These leaves form complex, feathery, mutual pairs. The leaflets vary from 4 to 6 pairs, entire, with a sharp tip. The midribs are equally divided at the base of the leaflets. The flowers are borne in a raceme, and are big in size, coloured yellow that tends to brown. Its pods are horned, broadly oblong, compressed and flat and contain about six seeds. When cultured, the plants are cut down semi-annually, dried in the sun, stripped and packed in palm-leaf bags.


  • It is specialty is to excrete toxins from the body caused due contaminated food and drugs.
  • It is ground as a paste and is applied for treating skin diseases
  • Consumption of safe dose helps in weight loss, acidity, intestinal problems and handling obesity problems.
  • Apart from above uses helps in regulating gastro intestinal conditions and inflammation.