Neem Tablet 1000 mg


Neem is one of the most excellent and desirable natural medicine in the field of medical science. The leaves, bark, twigs and even the fruits are considered to possess a lot of medicinal values. These trees are found commonly in India and these are almost found in all of the houses in South India as people consider them to be anti-septic and they believe that this tree drives away the germs that try to attack the human body.




  • For diabetes and stomach related illnesses the neem tablets could be consumed, these tablets are very effective in reducing the high sugar level in the blood.


  • The bitter flavour of it helps in controlling the intestinal worms and also controls the spread of phlegm in the chest.


  • Neem is said to be more potent in acting and treating leprosy.


  • Liver and heart related problems are easily cured by regularly taking these tablets with the correct advice from the doctor.


  • Neem tablets help in gaining appetite and promote hunger.


  • Stomach ulcers, eye problems could be treated with the help of these tablets or capsules.