Naayuruvi vithai 200gm


Naayuruvi vidai

Botanical name: Achyranthes aspera

Hindi: Apang, Chirchra, Chirehitta,Latjira, Onga

Kannada: Uttaranee

Malayalam: Kadaladi, Katalati

Tamil: Nayurivi, Shiru-kadaladi

Telugu: Antisha, Apamargamu, Uttareni


Plant Description:

Achyranthes aspera is an erect or prostrate, annual or perennial herb about 1m to 2m high. Leaves are opposite, margins undulate. Flowers: numerous, stiffly deflected against the pubescent rachis in elongate terminal spike, 20-30cm. long. Seeds are oblong-ovoid.


  • Seeds are rich in proteins and potash.
  • The seeds are used as expectorant, or mixed with rice water for bleeding hemorrhoids.
  • Kheer or Payasam is prepared using its seeds in milk for brain disorders.
  • Seeds soaked in water overnight and ground into an emulsion, next morning heals excessive bile secretion.
  • Grind ripe seed of Apamarga to make powder. Smell this powder while suffering from migraine.