Moringa Capsules 420mg


Moringa Tree is a widely cultivated tree for its immense health benefits. Moringa tree is commonly known in various other names like “ drum-stick tree” “Horse-raddish tree”.

Ben oil Tree, Miracle tree, “Never die tree” etc. This mighty tree widely grown in tropical and sub-tropical areas. Drought-resistant, the fast-growing , deciduous tree loves sun and heat, as well as sandy soil. This amazing tree is capable of delivering what the body needs.

Moringa Capules is made from naturally-dried moringa powder. It has a delicious spinachy green flavour and

  • 25{03757fda63932f0ac3993842153ee6ada0d2b9df689bdc4584566e34ee984823} protein (unusual for a plant)
  • 31{03757fda63932f0ac3993842153ee6ada0d2b9df689bdc4584566e34ee984823} fibre
  • A rich source of iron, vitamin A & vitamin K
  • A source of vitamin E, calcium & magnesium
  • High in antioxidants


Health benefits

  1. It is nutrient-packed.
  2. It fights free radicals.
  3. It fights inflammation.
  4. It helps reduce some diabetes symptoms
  5. It protects the cardiovascular system.
  6. It supports brain health.