Milagu 200gm



Botanical Name: Piper Longum

Common Name: Pepper Black

Hindi: Kalimirchi

Tamil: Milagu

Telugu: Miriyalu

Kannada Name: Kari Manesu, Kalu Menasu, Olle Menasu

Malayalam Name: Nalla muluka



Black pepper is one of the oldest known culinary spices in the world. Use it ground or as whole peppercorns, this strong flavored and pungent spice has centuries-long history of usage and cultivation. Often referred to as the king of spice.


  • Prevents cancer.
  • It maintains the sugar level and lowers blood pressure.
  • Promotes weight loss.
  • It may relieve cold and cough.
  • It fights against infections.
  • It has an antioxidant Properties.
  • It improves oral health.