Masikai powder 200gm




Masikai or Oak Gall is scientifically called as Quercus Infectoria. It is a medicinal herb popular for its tissue tightening benefits in women. It is also used as a protective herb for infants soon after birth, in few parts of India. These components are known to provide astringent action,a nti-diarrheal, anti-hemorrhagic, anti-dysenteric, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


It has a skin and tissue tightening property.

Masikai is considered to be the best remedy for vaginal or uterine prolapse, abnormal uterine bleeding, abnormal vaginal discharge, leucorrhea.

It is used with other herbs and given to women after childbirth to restore the elasticity of uterine wall.

It the best solution for external cleaning to get rid of ulcers and tissue damages in any part of the body.

Masikai  has a lot of uses and health benefits for Children.

Children suffering from Diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome or rectal prolapse after a bout of diarrhea may find relief  by using Oak gull.

Its anti-diarrheal property helps heal all abdomen related disorders.