Mara Manjal 200gm


Mara Manjal

Botanical Name: Coscinium fenestratum

Family: Menispermaceae

English name – Indian beriberi

Hindi name – Daru Haldi

Tamil name – Mara Manjal

Bangali name – Daruharidra

Punjabi name – Daru Haldi

Telugu name: Kasturipushpa


Plant Description:

Coscinium fenestratum is a sturdy woody climber with leathery, shiny leaves and a brightly yellow sap. It is dioecious, flowering and fruiting in August to October. The fruits consists of one or two drupes up to 2 cm across. The plant has a generation span of 25 years.



Coscinium fenestratum has a long history as a medicinal plant in the various traditional medicines of the region where it grows. This includes Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha medicine in India.

  • The plant is used for a large variety of diseases and conditions, from fevers and diabetes and snake bites.
  • Mara manjal is used in medicinal oils for treating skin diseases, and in lehyam (medicinal jams) for infections and other high pitta conditions.
  • Relieves skin diseases with itching.
  • It is used in menorraghia and leucorrhea (white discharge) It helps to relieve spasmoidic pain of abdomen.
  • It is used for quick wound healing, diabetes and urinary tract diseases.