Maa Ilai Powder 200gm


The mango leaves are reddish or purplish when tender and new, and grow into a dark green color and have a pale underside. These leaves are rich in vitamin C, B and A. They are also rich in various other nutrients. The mango leaves have powerful antioxidant properties as they have a high content of flavonoids and phenols.


Lower Blood Pressure:

Mango leaves help to lower blood pressure as they have hypotensive properties. It helps to strengthen the blood vessels and treats the problem of varicose veins.


Treats Restlessness:

For people suffering from restlessness due to anxiety, the mango leaves provide a good home remedy. Adding two to three glasses of mango leaf powder to bathing water helps to treat uneasiness and refreshes the body.


Gall And Kidney Stones:

The mango leaves help treat kidney and gallstones. Daily taking a finely ground powder of mango leaves which are dried in the shade, with water, kept in a tumbler overnight, helps in breaking the stones and flushing them out.


Respiratory Problems:

The mango leaves are good for all kinds of respiratory problems. It is especially useful for people suffering from cold, bronchitis, asthma. A decoction made by boiling mango leaves powder in water and drinking this with a little honey helps to cure cough effectively. It also helps to cure voice loss.


Cures Dysentery:

The mango leaves helps to treat bleeding dysentery. Mango leaves powder can be taken with water two to three times a day to stop dysentery.