Lodh Pattai 200gm


Lodh Pattai

Botanical name: Symplocos racemosa

Family: Symplocaceae

English name: Lodh Tree

Ayurvedic Name: Lodhra, Shavarak, Akshibhashaijya.

Hindi: Bholiya, Sodha

Malayalam: Pachotti, Parala

Tamil: Li lotai, Velli leti

Plant Description:

Lodh tree is an evergreen tree, grows up to 15 m high, bark is smooth creamy white, light grey, thin, the leaves are simple, arranged alternately, estipulate; petiole up to 15 mm, slender, glabrous, elliptic, elliptic- elliptic-oblong, base and apex acute. Flowers are white, born in axillaries, simple and 7 cm long, corolla 1 cm across, five-lobed, ovate. Fruit is a drupe, glabrous, 8 mm across, globose ribbed, purple; seeds are oblong up to 3 numbers.


  • Lodh is especially used to improve the women’s health.
  • In diseases like Menorraghia it is highly effective as it relaxes the uterine tissues and acts on the relaxed mucus membranes.
  • Lodhra has proved to be very useful in diseases like leucorrhoea.
  • Lodhra is even prescribed to the women’s after their delivery.
  • It helps to detoxify the blood.
  • It is indicated in eye diseases that powder form of its bark along with ghee is used in eyes.