Kurundhutti ver 200 g



Hindi – Khirainti, Bariyara

Telugu – Chittamutti, Mattavapulagam

English – Country Mallow

Malayalam – Vellurum

Tamil – Paniyar Tuttul Jannada-Hettuti


A small downy erect herb or shrub, 1.2 m. in height, with long branches, sometimes rooting at nodes. Leaves – cordate, oblong, ovate or ovate-oblong, very downy on both surfaces; petiole as long as the blade. Flowers small, tawny yellow or white, carpels 10. Fruits – with a pair of awns on each carpel. (Flowers and grows wild along the roadsides, throughout sub-tropical and tropical India, ascending up to 1,200 m.)


  • It imparts inner strength
  • It gives strength to the reproductive organs
  • It helps in dry cough
  • It is tonic for heart.
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