Kodiveli Ver 200gm


  1. Koduveli ennai is used as an effective Siddha remedy for painful conditions like arthritis, headache, oesteoarthritis etc.
  2. A paste of Koduveli roots and gingelly oil is used as an external application for external piles, cervical lymphadinitis, and inguinal lymphadinitis.
  3. A Siddha preparation called Koduveli thylam is helpful external remedy in skin infections like scabies, carbuncles, ulcers, swellings and arthritis.
  4. Chitramoola gulikai or pills, Siddha preparation is helpful in curing chronic ulcers, genital cancer, carbuncles, tumours, piles and fistula.
  5. For Leprosy, the dried root powder paste is externally applied.