Katuku Rogini 200gm



Malayalam : Katurohini/ Katukhurohini/ Katukhruohani.

Tamil : Katuku-rogani/ Katkurokini/ Katukuroni.

Telugu : Katukaroni/ Katukarogani/ Nallakola wara.

English : Black heliebore/ Hellebore/ Kurroa


It is a small, hairy, perennial herb with a long woody root stock. The leaves are long, with serrated edges and the flowers are white or bluish located terminally on long racemes, the fruits are ovoid capsules. The dry rhizome is deep greyish brown, cylindrical and wrinkled longitudinally.


  • Curd formed by adding katukarohini kashayam to milk should be processed and the butter obtained from it can be given to children in case of fever.
  • Ativisha, chandana, katukarohini all taken in equal quantity and made into paste can be given regularly for patients suffering from skin diseases (kushta roga) to get beneficial results.
  • In liver disorders: katukarohini is an excellent liver protective
  • This decoction acts as a mild laxative and completely detoxifies the body.
  • This is especially useful in anaemia due to excessive bleeding from any orifice.
  • Respiratory allergies:Katuka rohini can be used as a home remedy in bronchitis,
  • asthma, and sinusitis
  • Worm infestation: Decoction of katuka rohini can be given as deworming medicine to children.
  • It is efficacious in disorders caused by kapha and pitta such as jaundice, chronic fever and blood disorder.