Kadukai Tholu Powder


Harad or haritaki is dry, warm, slightly sweet, bitter and astringent herb. According to Ayurveda, haritaki is one of the most important herbs which are beneficial to cure tridosas- vata, kapha and pitta- of the body. It is useful in treating asthma, acid reflux, abdominal or digestive diseases, hemorrhoids or piles, urinary problems, dental problems, skin diseases and many other diseases.


  1. Cures Cough and Cold

2. Treats Chronic Cough

3. Treats Constipation

4. Harad for Weight Loss

5. Good for Sore Throat

6. Cures Migraine

7. Treats Piles

8. Good to Cure Eye Disorders

9. Treats Urinary Disorder

10. Cures Mouth Ulcers