Fenugreek Tablet 1000 mg


Fenugreek Tablets:

Fenugreek plant is known for its diverse medicinal uses. The seeds are found in the kitchens of almost every house in India, as it is known for its natural remedial effects on stomach related ailments. Fenugreek leaves are the most wanted greens in India since it possess various qualities that will improve physical strength in men and women.


  • Fenugreek tablets are used to calm down an upset stomach; this also helps in better digestion.
  • Fenugreek is usually taken by women during their menstrual periods to get relieved from the pain and cramps. These tablets relieve this pain.
  • For the sexual health of men fenugreek is widely used.
  • Kidney disorders, infections and for the better heart health fenugreek tablets could be taken.
  • These tablets are proven to maintain blood sugar and blood pressure levels.
  • These tablets are good for new mothers as they improve the breast milk secretion in them.