Cassia Seed Powder



Cassia is the native tree of the tropics.During fall months, Cassia seeds are harvested and these are sun dried before use. Cassia seeds are used in different forms such as whole seed, tea packets, ground powder, pastes and herb pillows. Cassia seeds are usually cleaned and dried before use and can be utilized either directly or in powdered form for extracting its goodness easily. These seeds have a salty, sweet and slightly bitter taste.


  • cassia seeds will help in quick digestion.

  • Cassia seeds are widely used for its therapeutic benefits, which includes its laxative properties.

  • Mixing cassia seed powder in drinking water will help in curing all kinds of topical infections triggered by fungi.

  • seeds are used for treating an array of eye problems

  • cassia seed tea regularly like your green tea will help in lowering high blood pressure

  • cassia seed tea or using its extract in your regular detox tea will help you lose those extra pounds.

  • assia seeds are known to have potent antimicrobial and antiviral properties