Cassia Auriculata Powder


 Natural Cassia Auriculata Powder:

Avaram Senna (Cassia auriculata) is a common tree in Asia, which has been widely used in Indian traditional medicine. It has many medicinal properties and cures many diseases. The dried flowers and buds have many therapeutic benefits. Traditionally it has been used for curing diabetes

Health Benefits of Cassia Powder:

It is used in Indian system of alternative medicines like siddha ,ayurveda ,herbal ,and folk medicines for curing many diseases . The wonder flower gives longevity to life. Avaram Senna flower is widely used as a home remedy for skin disorders and body odor.

  • Avaram Senna flower is a natural source of antioxidants.
  • It is a best medicine to maintain and Controls diabetes.
  • It is best for skin related problems.
  • Cassia Powder is Naturally a good laxative.
  • It improve complexion in women.
  • It reduce body heat and burning foot.
  • When applying on face cassia powder reduce dryness of the skin.
  • Cassia auriculata rejuvenate the body.