Boonthi kottai ( Soap Nuts ) 200gm


Boonthi kotai:

Scientific Name – Sapindus mukorossi
Family – Sapindaceae
Other Names – Ritha/Reetha/Aritha (Hindi)

Kunkudukai (Telugu)

Boondi Kottai (Tamil)
Pasakkottamaram (Malayalam)

Amtalakaayi (Kannada)


A deciduous plant that grows to a height of 20 m, soapnut is found in abundance in places that receive 150-200 cm of rainfall each year. This plant can be cultivated only on clay soil.


  • Soapberries are anti-allergic and antibacterial in nature.
  • Drinking reetha juice can help control your cholesterol levels
  • Soapnuts have anti-inflammatory properties that are effective in curing joint pains
  • Powdered reetha can help cure excess salivation
  • Soapnuts can also help you get rid of stubborn pimples and blackheads
  • Soapnuts are antidiabetic in nature.