Baidyanath Kanakasava 450ml (Ayurvedic)


Baidyanath Kanakasava

Quantity: 450ml

Manufacturer: Baidyanath

Dose: 10-15ml twice a day or as directed by physician.


Kanakasava is a liquid Ayurvedic medicine, widely used in treating Asthma, cough, fever etc. It contains 5 – 10 %  self generated alcohol in it. This self generated alcohol and the water present in the product acts as a media to deliver water and alcohol soluble the active herbal components to the body. 
Reference: Bhaishajya Ratnavali 13/98-102
Kanakasava dose – 12 – 24 ml. one or two times a day, usually advised after food.
If needed, it can be mixed with equal quantity of water.


Light pathya rules are to be followed.

Kanakasava uses: kanakasava is widely used in the treatment of respiratory conditions such as Asthma, cough, fever and bleeding diseases.  It is a natural mucolytic and bronchodilator.  It is also used in treatment of bleeding diseases, injuries and chronic fever. It helps to relieve chest  mucous congestion.

Traditional uses:
Nikhilaan Shwaasaan – useful in wide variety of respiratory diseases  – asthma, bronchitis etc.
Kasa – useful in cold, cough
Yakshma – useful in tuberculosis
Kshataksheena – useful in emaciated people, useful in post injury care, useful in weight gaining therapy
Jeerna Jvara – useful in recuperation treatment after chronic fever
Raktapitta – useful in bleeding disorders such as nasal bleeding
Urakshata – useful in chest injuryaris