Asparagus Root Powder


Asparagus root Powder:


Asparagus is natively called as Shatavari which has got umpteen benefits to offer to humankind. It is a general medicine prescribed in Ayurveda to treat various ailments. There may be powder, tonic and tablet forms in asparagus, which are to be consumed by the direction of the experts.


Health Benefits of Asparagus Root Powder:


  • The roots of asparagus possess anti-oxidants which help in fighting the free radicals & reduce cell damage.
  • Good for the pregnant ladies and lactating mothers as it has got high folate content.
  • High in nutrients such as iron, zinc and especially vitamin K which helps in quick clotting of blood during injuries.
  • Aids in regular bowel movements thereby helping in good digestion.
  • This might help in maintaining one’s body fit without getting obese.
  • Blood sugar levels are kept under control.