Asoka bark powder 200gm


Ashoka bark powder:

Ashoka is a small, spreading, evergreen tree, with smooth brownish bark and compound leaves forming a dense crown. This tree has to be distinguished from the Indian fir or mast tree, botanically known as polyalthia longifolia. Ashoka is one of the sacred trees of the Hindus. Ashoka bark powder is Ayurvedic foremost uterine tonic and has many traditional uses that help support a healthy female reproductive system. Its name literally means ‘remover of sorrow’, attesting to its ability to promote health and healing.


The decoction made from Ashoka Powder may be used in emotional outbursts.

The Powder of Ashoka may help in abdominal discomfort and also in de-worming.

It may be applied as a paste on cut wounds.

Boil the Ashoka Powder with cow’s milk add sugar in it. Take this milk for 3 months. It supports gynecological health.

Boil the powder in water and prepare a decoction. Take this decoction early morning empty stomach.

You can also boil the powder while mixing water and cow’s milk. Boil this till the water evaporates. After that add sugar to taste and take once in a day regularly.

Mix equal quantity of Ashoka Powder and Mishri well, take ½ teaspoon in morning ½ teaspoon in evening female health.

Grind mustard with the decoction of the Ashoka Powder and dry it in shade. Apply it on your face to turn your facial shiny and glinting with glow.