Ashoka Powder 200gm


 Ashoka Powder :

Ashoka is Ayurvedic medicine’s foremost uterine tonic and has many traditional uses that help support a healthy female reproductive system.  It also has a nourishing effect on the circulatory system. May strengthen and tone the uterus. May promote regular menstruation

Benefits of Ashoka Powder:

  • It is an astringent, bitter in taste.
  • It gives cooling effect in body.
  • It gives proper balancing in pitta and kapha.
  • Ashoka is traditionally uterine tonic that supports healthy menstruation.
  • It helps to improve digestion of food.
  • It helps to improve complexion of body.
  • It supports comfortable & healthy monthly flow.
  • It helps to tone up the womb (uterus).
  • It helps to naturally clean the female’s organs.
  • Helps to promote mental or emotional wellbeing.