Arukam Pul(Cynodon dactylon)Powder 200gm



Bermuda grass has been cultivated on saline soils in California’s Central Valley which are too salt-damaged to support agricultural crops; it was successfully irrigated with saline water and used to graze cattle. Arugampul Powder (Bermuda Grass) is a good detoxing agent, helps to clean the liver and cells of the body and blood with chlorophyll. Bermuda grass is rich in hypo-glycomic and anti- diabetic properties. Thus it is useful in controlling type 2 of diabetes. It is useful in many complications connected with diabetes. There are no side effects found when using this herb

Arugampul Health Benefits

Those who are often suffering from acidity can try Bermuda grass juice to get relief.

Arugampul coffee can be prepared by adding dry ginger and pepper powder to cure chest congestion.

It is the best natural immunity builder. It can keep you safe from many diseases and infections.

You can have the extract of arugampul for diabetic.

Bermuda grass is rich in hypo-glycomic and anti- diabetic properties.

The chlorophyll present in Bermuda grass can be useful to improve red blood cells production in the body.

Drink arugampul juice during pregnancy to reduce the anemic condition, but avoid if you have vomiting or other difficulties.

Ayurveda suggests extracts of Bermuda grass to treat weakness in patients. It can build the immunity and reduce tierdness.

The regular intake of of Bermuda grass extracts can make your body fit and active.

arugampul and weight loss treatment is very effective. It is considered as the very good medicine for oral problems. It can prevent problems like gums problem and bad mouth odor. Bermuda grass extracts can make your teeth strong and healthy.