Soap Nut 200gm


Soap Nuts

Botanical Name: Sapindus trifoliatus

Family: Sapindaceae


It is popularly known as Three-leaf Soapberry. A deciduous plant that grows to a height of 20 m, soapnut is found in abundance in places that receive 150-200 cm of rainfall each year. Soap nuts have become popular as an alternative to laundry detergent among those who are trying to live in an environmentally friendly style. Fruit posse’s emetic, tonic, astringent and antihelmintic properties and are used in treatment of asthma.


  • It acts as an excellent natural cleanser, and your scalp does not get exposed to chemicals.
  • It is an excellent conditioner for hair
  • It helps to retain moisture in the skin
  • It nourishes the scalp with nutrients like Vitamin D and C
  • It helps to combat dandruff
  • Reetha powder is still readily used widely to wash hair. It kills lice, prevents dandruff.