Every one can buy any thing in herbs online now.

Country drug store is started with intention to make our customers to buy struggle free experience in searching and buying herbs.
Every one is willing to use harmless and natural medications for cure of their physical illness or enhance their health. But getting herbs is not a easy task.
Since we have strong screening system with modern equipments country Drug store ensures the quality and efficacy of the herbs that you are buying.

About Our Online Store

This is exclusive e commerce platform for sourcing pure herbs in the form of leaves , roots , stem , fruit or any other plant parts . We are specialized people in selling pure Herbs , herbal formulations , herbal tea ranges , seeds , and herbal Supplements . We provide the product by purest form by using advanced technology like electro magnetic screening etc .

Our products are free from sand and microbial organisms
There will be no external metal contamination

Since it is dried by superior procedure ultimate orginal aroma , active ingredients and medicinal properties are present in our products